Wow, I can’t believe I have been on Twitch for almost one year now – this moment has kind of crept up on me. There have been its highs and lows, but if you have stumbled on this blog because you were interested in streaming or starting. Read on and let me tell you about my one year experience on Twitch.

We can break this down into a few categories but lets go with my top three reflections of the year to wrap it up nicely.

Reflection One: Don’t give up on setting up.

This processes was HARDER, and more tedious than I thought it would be. But do your research. If you want to live stream go for it!

  1. Pick your platform (Twitch, YouTube, etc..)
  2. What system would you like to use (OBS, Streamlabs etc…)

I would say these are the two most important when your starting. When I first started streaming I actually used the Streamlabs software (only because it looked more user friendly), but eventually I moved over to OBS with a little more research and found it equally as simple to use. So don’t let how software layouts scare you! Rounder edges does not many it any more user friendlier than pointed edges (and yes lol this is really one take away I learnt)!!!

I’d say once you finish the set up you are about 25% of the way there. The next daunting tasks are setting it up so it connects to the correct platform and learning where to find your stream key. I would say after that bench mark you are at the half way point.

To really get your feet in the door are to set up your scenes and sources! There are so many resources out there for you to use and learn from, but when starting off basics are best (so its not to overwhelming). Here is a check list to help you get off:

  1. Intro Scene
  2. Some type of display capture scene for if you want to stream your game or desk top
  3. Be Right Back Scene
  4. Ending Scene

I would say after these key four scenes you can add or even subtract as needed! I think a lot of us who started streaming would agree that making overlays, banners, setting up chat and etc was equally time consuming. How daunting the task is depends on if you like designing this type of thing. It was be as budget friendly as a DYI project or buying pre made layouts. Keep in mind these are all optional and at the end of the day its up to you how you want to have it look!

Once you’ve decided on your theme and layout. Your final step is to take off into the world of streaming, and yes that means actually hitting that “go live” button.

Reflection Two: There are going to be bad days.

It is about how you handle them that make these days count. Use these experiences to grow and develop the skills to counter them in the future. Now you maybe wondering – but what kind of bad days are you talking about?

The internet is vast, while there are wholesome moments, there are also internet trolls, strong minded individuals, and overwhelming personalities to provide a few examples. Sometimes, its not even those people that make the day “bad”. I have learnt that people will just talk about anything – some of those looking for relationship advice, those looking for comfort in times of depression or even dropping in about stories of unfortunate events. Just remember that you can’t predict the actions of others but you can control your own actions, and during those moments it shapes your stream.

Sometimes “bad” days don’t even happen on stream or during stream, there are moments OFF stream that make the day bad. Its days where you don’t feel good, or energetic enough to start a stream or to talk to others. This is okay as well – put your mental well being first. Streaming takes time – its a balance between stream, life, work, family, friends and et cetera. They say a consistent stream schedule is something to aim for – so take a moment to think about what direction you would like to take your stream! Ask you self – is this for fun, why are you on this platform, what are some goals.

Reflection Three: Have Fun (the most cliché advice).

There are going to be good days. Your first follow, that first chatter, the first time your view count goes from zero to one, then from one to two. Even if it is a steady two, its something, so celebrate it!

From my own experience – it doesn’t matter if you feel like you are shy (you don’t always have to show your face). Even if you feel “too awkward” to stream – I think streaming teaches you a lot of things. In a way its public speaking, story telling, and even designing. Anyone can start a stream – I don’t think you need some crazy wild personality to start. Just something you are passionate in and something you truly enjoy!

With these three things in mind – good luck with your streaming journey ~

Thanks for reading xoxo Mish ❤, catch you on the next blog post!