So I have seen this website YesStyle floating around since high school (so its been years)! I always thought it was similar to SHEIN, but the only way to find out for sure was to order stuff. So here is my honest, unsponsored review of the clothing brand! Enjoy the read ❤ I ordered a total of 10 items so lets get into it! For size reference I am 5’3 and about 110lb.

In summary the quality of all the clothing I got was very good for the prices I bought it at – nothing was falling apart at one touch. The fabrics it self – they were not the softest in the world, but I also wouldn’t put it in the same category as itchy or uncomfortable. To also touch upon how thin the fabrics are – I would actually say fair thickness, things that I bought in white or any type of lighter shade was not see through!

1. BOUP – Plaid Oversized Shirt – Gray – One Size

Here is the try on. It wasn’t as oversized as I thought it would be, but it looks pretty cute! If you are looking for something thick – this is not it. The fabric is on the thin side but that makes it easier to tuck into clothing, like skirts or pants. I also felt the sleeves fell a little short, but over all I have no complaints. I did get it in the gray color but to me this is more on the blue side. Other than the color and the sleeve length, I am satisfied with the purchase. I would give this a 3.5 or 4 stars out of 5!

2. Bloombloom – Plain Shirt/ Sweater Vest – Off White – One Size

This is the FIRST sweater vest I have ever owned. This article of clothing has been trending for a while now but I am slow to trends. It is big on me, but that comes natural with the “one size” fits all concept as far as clothing goes. The material is quite heavy and felt okay in the hands. Since it is a sweater vest I don’t see my self wearing it too often without another type of shirt under it – that being said if I did wear it without another shirt under the fabric is borderline – this could be itchy or have a slight irritation feel to it. The detailed lines along the bottom, arms and neck are nice thou! For a knit item, I still don’t think the fabric is very thick, I would classify this as still a knit but on the lighter side. For a little styling piece – you can see that I am wearing the BOUP plaid oversized shirt from the previous photo under it! I would give this a 4 or 5 out of 5 stars!

3. Hollahop – Crop Tank Top – Wine Red – Small

Back and front images of the wine red tank top. It fits to size – and I was so happy about this! Fabric was slightly stretchy – yes there is a very slight ribbed texture. What I really liked of this top was how thin the straps were thin in the front and got thinner at the back! Since I said this was going to be an honest review, this is what the top looks like on me without a bra. Fabric is definitely thick enough (but still on the thin side) to go with pasties or a tap on bra situation under it! I am in love with the color – its a nice muted deep red perfect for the fall and winter season! Fashion tip, even though red is a look at me color, if you buy it in a darker shade it becomes much more for every day wear. I give this a 4 or 5 stars out of 5! Because its a tank top thou, I still believe this was actually a summer/ spring piece but the color was just so fall/ winter for me!

4. Lucuna – Spaghetti Strap Silky A- Line Midi Dress – Light Green – One Size

This dress, was a very un necessary purchase, for a few reasons. One of them main reasons is that I never have any chance to wear it anywhere, but it is really pretty – so that was a good enough reason for me lol. Front and back picture because the back of the dress deserves its own shoutout. There is a small zipper on the side of the dress to help you get into it, then the straps just go over your shoulders and you tie the ribbon as many times as you can! As you can see on the right photo, I have tied the ribbon on the front but I could have easily tied it to the back of the dress to lie between the cross in the back! I really wanted to have this dress because I thought it would have looked so pretty to twirl in! After trying it on, it definitely does not have the twirl power I wished for – but still cut over all. I would have loved it a little more if the dress as more floor length instead of just stopping around my ankles. Also in the photo, it looks like a very silky textured dress, but this dress was a fake silky feeling in terms of how it feels. Overall, if I had a nice formal event to go to or even a wedding, I would wear this dress. Throw on a pair of simple black or white heels and you are good to go! I give this dress a 4 out of 5 stars!

5. ANORA – Pleated A-Line Mini Skirt – White – Small

This is, most likely, one of the items I have mixed feelings about. I have wanted a white pleated skirt for ages now (yes because it was trending, but also yes because I think they are cute in general). I never went to private or any type of school that would ever make me wear a uniform so I don’t feel the uniform vibes from a pleated skirt – although I have had friends tell me that pleated skirts, especially with a checked pattern reminds them of those high school vibes. However, this is not the reason why I have mixed feelings about this skirt – its the sizing that I have an issue with. The skirt does have a side zipper to help you get into the skirt but this item JUST fits me. Once I unzip the side zipper I can get into the skirt but barely, I have to wiggle my hips from side to side to get into it. After I am in the skirt, I can zip it up with a small struggle as part of the zipper still gets stuck over the hip part. This is definitely not the skirt for me to wear if I am expecting to eat out and have a food baby after!! That being said – if I wanted to get this maybe in a different color, I would potentially think about sizing up! Other than the sizing of the skirt, I am quite happy with it. The quality is great – extra great because it actually comes with shorts built into the skirt (which might be an explanation of the sizing)! Also yes, its not very clear in this photo but it is a skirt more on the high waisted level. I give this skirt a 3.5 or 4 stars out of 5!

6. SOSWIFT – Double Breasted Plaid Blazer – Grey – One Size

I love this blazer – enough said. Just kidding, it wouldn’t be much of a blog if I didn’t talk about anything about this. There really isn’t much to say other than it was love at first wear and sight, right out of the bag. Also yes the pockets are real and not just flaps. You would have no idea how many times I felt betrayal and trust issues with pockets ( I know its a little sad). But this has saved my grace in humanity – so YesStyle, good job! Quality and fit are great, and I can see my self wear this for as long as I can, it really it just the perfect length and color. Yes I do realize that it gives off a slightly older vibe – because of the color and pattern, but I think its cool! Old, but I don’t think outdated!

7. Duwnie – Crop Tank Top – Black – One Size

Not much to say about this black tank top. If you are looking for a simple addition to your closet, this is a MUST add. Since I have such a hard time getting rid of clothes I have so, oh so many, tank tops from Garage (if you even know what this brand is) with that weird type of back. So lets just say I was very happy to change up my closet a little bit. Again I thought quality was good and size was true to fit ! Yes my bottoms are a little on the higher waist side, but I wouldn’t call this crop. Its more of a mid-rise type of top.

8. Magimomo – Ruffled A-Line Skirt – White – One Size

Again, this skirt comes WITH SHORTS built in. So no, I don’t worry about it being too short or too see through. However, this is definitely not something I will wear in the winter/ fall season. I can see my self wearing this in the spring/ summer because of how flowy it feels. In comparison to how the model has it, I do feel it to be shorter than I thought it was. If you are looking for a slightly longer skirt I would not recommend this one. However if you like the length of the skirt on me – then yes, I would recommend it ❤ (Pardon the wrinkles, this came straight out of the bag). Also if you notice the little bow tie, the strings are fake, they have nothing to do with the skirt waist adjustment!

9. FROME – Frog Bucket Hat – Watermelon Red – Medium

If you have come to my streams, you would know this little hat as ” Big Frog”. A definite fan favorite, and if you are looking to add some cuteness to your channel point redemptions I highly recommend this hat. Also yes, I did order this in “watermelon red” but as you can see in the photo, it is very much ORANGE – so if you want a red hat, I don’t suggest this one. However, if you are looking for some cute Halloween/ group party costume/ coordination rave outfits – I think buying a set of these would be super cute for the group! Its hard to say how big my head is, but I think for a head its pretty average sized to the medium just fits OK – definitely not a tight fit, but its not like super lose either.

10. DIYI – Plain High-Waist -A- Line Skirt – Coffee – Small

This is the cutest skirt ever and makes me feel like an official fashion type of influencer. I recently went on a trip and I legit lived in this skirt. I loved LOVED that it came with shorts built in. I feel like it looks long in the photo, but after wearing it I would actually categorize it as a mini skirt. Funny enough, I have a similar style one from Aritzia in black, but I think this one is slightly thicker. If you don’t want to splurge for the Aritzia version, this one is just equally amazing.

11. Yako – Double Breasted Blazer – Black – One Size

Finally, we have this blazer. Which I actually have not managed to wear as often as I thought I would. I thought I would be out here wearing it to work and or other events where I wanted to look slightly more dressed up, but no – I have gotten zero chances at it yet. But hopefully in the future. Unlike the the other blazer I wore this one is much thinner and it doesn’t really have that shoulder pad look/ feeling to it. I think it gives that perfect oversized but not baggy look. I know some people love the look but in my eyes there is a fine line between oversized and baggy. This blazer is not lined, and is also on the thinner side. Thin enough to maybe walk outdoors on a sunny day in spring, but you would need to layer up under and over this blazer if you wanted to wear it in the winter.

Thank you so so much for reading <3. Stay tuned for more! If you want to visit me on my other socials, click here. See you around!! Let me know what you would like to hear me write about next!