What a beautiful season, spring and the cherry blossoms. What I love about Vancouver, is being blessed for having all four seasons touch the city. You can feel each season for a short amount of time between all the rain and I feel like that is very magical. Here are a few of my favorite locations around the city for picture viewing purposes!

Location number one: you can find this in the Marinaside cresent in Yaletown! Its a small row of these beautiful pink flowers. In the direction I’m facing is a walking/ bike lane so you’ll easily pass these if you are already exploring the sea wall! Its just these small row of trees, but if you just want a place to rest or have snacks there’s lots of space to sit! Be mindful of what you leave behind because just behind these row of trees are some residential areas! Photo taken by @dnomyar.joy

Location number two – West 22nd and yew street! This street is quite popular for many Instagrammers, bloggers, city explorers alike. I would suggest to come here late March or early April as these pink flowers bloom early, but that also means they die earlier! Its a very long street with a hill – so if you stand towards the top of the hill you will get a shot like this with all the trees! If you come here at sunrise the light is very beautiful. Just because its spring don’t get me wrong it was still quite cold! (Seriously we came here with our winter jackets. When windy it was so cold!). Adventure tip: come prepared, dress in layers. Better to come a little warmer than a little cold. Photo taken by @Nicolehuii

Third location is at East 3rd and Skeena Street. Similar to the photo above, these trees bloom early, so come check them out late March or Early April! The temple you see in the background is at the very very bottom of the hill. There are plenty places to stand to capture all this photo and more if you want more of the street! If you come here on the weekends it does get busy. Also remember to be quiet here and respect the people who live here. This is still after all a residential area (hence all the cars in the photo). Photo taken by @Nicolehuii

Fourth Location is by a public transit station – Burrard Station. Doesn’t the arch look beautiful and its so accessible! So hard to believe that this little row is right downtown! If you want the place mostly for yourself come in the morning and in-between popular times of going to work, and lunch breaks! Photo taken by @huds0nhawk

Another beautiful location downtown Vancouver is right by Waterfront Station. When you get to this station, there are actually two ways to exit. The first is straight onto the street or you can take stairs that head up. If you can see behind me the entrance of that up staircase from within the station. You will come up into this pavilion and see this beautiful cherry blossom tree. I would say this one is a late bloomer, I visited Early April to Mid April and they were bloomed. Before then they were in the process of blooming. Photo taken by @Nicolehuii

Cherry Blossom season has been beautiful and there are so many more in the city to find! I love how they are with various blooming times being early to late – so it feels like Cherry Blossoms could last till the end of April (hopefully). However, I am no expert at it – just an fan of how beautiful these flowers look. Happy (and safe) exploring! Photo taken by @huds0nhawk

Thanks for coming in to read another blog post! I’ll see you at the end of April with more outfits, outings or reviews! You can visit all my socials, here. Thanks for reading ❤

~Mi ❤