Hello everyone!

Here is the second blog post of the month. Very happy to my self that I kept this months goal of two blog posts (sorry for that missing bonus third one, I just don’t think I have it in me this month)

This blog post will be a summary of all the outfits I wore this month (mostly in reels because… well, there is still no where to go except for home and work)

Below have to be my 9 favorite outfits of the month! Which one was your favorite?

The sweater I am wearing in “The Transition Weather” and “Skirt Who?” are the same one. I think I made this in a reel trying to show that you could actually wear one sweater several ways. If I had somewhere to go I would definitely try wearing this out somewhere. I would swap the sweater for an already or more cropped one than this full length one. In that photo I “cropped” it with a belt and having all that extra fabric tucked in felt bulky! However if you don’t have a cropped sweater or any cropped clothing, using a belt to help you tuck the fabric up is really helpful and can easily make something cropped. This works best with sweaters that are not too thick. Friends, if you are trying to pull this off with a super thick sweater, trust me and choose a thinner one!

The outfit called “Lounge at Home” truthfully, I’ve never worn the two together at home just to chill. Do you have have “indoor and outdoor clothing”? This was something that my mom thought me when I was younger. There would always be indoor home clothing VS outdoor home clothing. This sweater and my sweat pants were all actually “outdoor” clothing before, but since the pandemic more and more of anything comfy was added to this “indoor” setting. Either way its actually very comfy and the sweater is my absolute favorite. Its a full knit sweater and if I had a close up it has this really nice pepper pattern!

The “Feeling Cute” outfit is actually a dress I’ve worn twice (once for my birthday, and the second for this photo). Since restrictions have lifted slightly where I live to allow for small 10 person outdoor gatherings, I plan to no longer hide these cute dresses in my closet, they deserve to be seen!

Finally, potentially my most favorite outfit from this entire series “Is This Still Cool?” . Man I love this outfit because lol biker shorts are actually quite cozy, oversized T (also my favorite) and who doesn’t love a leather jacket that fits! For leather jackets I always feel like the shoulders are either too big or too tight, so something that fits me nicely there feels like a huge score to me. Do you guys like the girly girly style or the cool girl style on me better?

Coming down to this last row of outfits now – can you tell I altered both of the skirts. The small struggle of online shopping, they were just a little big so two darts on either side of the zipper made them just perfect. I guess this shows that I have a small thing for the color blue! I am excited to be able to wear all these dresses for photos (so maybe you’ll see them as stills on IG instead of just a video). Also for tho`se of you wondering, I haven’t worn the “Feelin Blue” dress long enough to tell if its the type that I would have to pull up every so often, so who knows.

Thanks for coming in to read another blog post! I’ll see you in April with more outfits, outings or reviews! Can’t wait to see what type of content I can brain storm for next month. You can visit all my socials, here. Thanks for reading ❤

~Mi ❤