So last blog post I left you off with having “No Zero Days” . To follow up with that blog post, here is how I achieve that.

Everyone has their own preference of how to organize and plan the day. For some its go with the flow, for others its lists, and for some it’s a rigid schedule. I am personally a little “old fashioned” in the sense where I enjoy a good old; pen and paper method. Even though I know there are billions of apps out there designed for this – I still prefer pen and paper. I do use an electronic planner from time to time but I have just never found it helpful for me.

The method I prefer to use is a good old monthly planner (and I’ve actually used this since my university days) – although they have only gotten smaller in size since then.

It all started when I was in university. I was walking through the school during frosh week someone on campus was handing out these reusable monthly calendrers – the kind that you could use a white board marker for and fill in the days your self. The ones that were big enough to pin to a wall. At the time I only took it because it was free  – not because I thought I would actually use it. A little while later when I got home I unrolled it and pinned it to my wall because well, also why not. Little did I know this would be the best free item I got through out my university time and continued after.

The calendar proved to be quite useful – I planned out month by month of when all my quizzes, papers, labs, tests and finals were. I enjoyed seeing the bigger picture month by month. I think that was the key to why I liked it so much. It was a visual board of my month to month planning – where I could see everything in the ease of a glance instead of taking it week by week as many planners do. My rule to the monthly schedule was to only put the biggest ticketed items on there (so things that were attached with grades). The rest went on my phone or on a “to do” list for the day or week.

As time went on my sophistication for this method improved. Further into university I wanted to get two and hung them side by side. Although this may seem extra – it was helpful. At this point I was surprisingly more involved in school – volunteering and being part of a club society – the two monthly calendars side by side gave me more space to visually plan.

By the end of university it was time to move back home (as I did university in a different province) and I simultaneously got rid of the huge wall monthly planners. But what now was the famous question as most (or all) people have after university. Mine, was going back to school again (crazy right) for a bachelor program yet again, but it was condensed into two years so it wasn’t as long. I would like to thank these 2 crucial years for what my planner came to be and the method I liked the best. Having it condensed into one calendar month that could fit at the palm of my hand.

Now that the boxes were smaller I didn’t have time to write things down in full. So instead I developed notations and a legend if I ever “forgot” or “became confused” for what they were and this is pretty much how I left it. Now I use it for work and to schedule goals like this for example – when I would like to write a blog post. The visual layout of the calendar helps me pick a post day but also shows me the amount of weeks I have to come up with the idea, write, edit, edit again and pictures!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! Coming in at the end of March to do an OOTD review of all the ones I wore for my IG Reels.

Thanks for reading. See you on the next one <3. You can find all my socials here.