Hello, its been a while since I’ve done one of these kinds of posts – where I just write. Write to talk about something a little more personal so you can get to know me more. I like to add these blogs to the corner of “MI Talks” because its topics I like to explore in depth!

Today I would like to talk about this idea that was brought forward to me called “No Zero Days”. Essentially this means that something productive is done every day! (I will have a separate blog post on how I like to plan another day!) Although I feel like most students have this mentally forced upon them – because of the never ending quizzes, assignments, papers, lab reports, finals and others to amount to. I have found that carrying this mentality slightly over to my post university life to be quite fulfilling. It did take awhile for the method of my madness to carry over but I think I have transitioned it to something I am content with and blends in with my current life style.

I feel like when I finally finished school and I was lying and moseying around looking for jobs or figuring out “what I wanted to do or accomplish” with my self. It was actually quite frustrating. I moved from an environment that had quite some structure to none. While you are in school there’s always something to do or something to look forward to. Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of days after I finished the chaos that I loved my zero days. But after so many zero days in a row I was tired, frustrated and sad even that it seemed like I had nothing to do.

So the important balance of “No Zero Days” is that even in a no zero day – its relaxing. The worst is when you have a zero day but also having that sinking feeling that you want to have a productive day. Therefore, I think the best times to relaxed is actually with a planned zero day. That way your mind is free with the deadlines or the tasks and it can therefore be focused on yourself and filled with days meant for relaxing. Strangely even with relaxing fit into the picture – your zero day can still end up being a “non zero day”.

Well hopefully this gave you a little insight on how I like to be productive. This time I would like to pose this question to you, how do you like to feel productive? What are your tips and tricks? (I would also love to expand on one day about the small things that I have enjoyed to make my day start productive – maybe we share some, leave a comment down below!)

Thanks again for reading it means a lot to me, hope to see you in my next blog! Link to all my socials here. If you would ever like to chat with me live I would love to interact with you on twitch!

Mi ❤

P.S Photos taken by Reanne and Kitannn.