Hello my loves, and Happy Valentines Day!

This blog post is coming in a little late if you are looking for something just in particular for Valentines day, but I feel like if you are looking for new outfits to wear in general for future date nights – hopefully I’ve given you some ideas. From a Valentines date to a Galentines day or anything in-between I think I got you covered for an outfit. If you are alone or trying to get over someone this time of year as well, got an outfit for that as well, so keep reading ❤

Lets start this outfit off nice and cute. Since I see the tennis skirt style still popping around I decided to make a date like look out of it. I like to think of this one if you wanted to be a little on the preppy side. Every time I see the collar stick out from under a sweater I can’t shake the preppy vibes off. Because I am a relaxed kind of girl I didn’t bother tucking anything in, but if you wanted to clean the look up a little more, I would suggest to tuck the top into the skirt. You can wear this outfit in a variety of colors. I feel like most tennis skirts are white but the one I have in the tennis skirt style is red. Since February also holds Chinese New Year as well as Valentines Day, red seems like its the most appropriate color for this month ❤

Skirt from Shein (Red), Top from H&M (Black), Top from Uniqlo (White)

Okay up next, don’t worry if red or pretty much any color is your fancy really. This is an outfit for all the baddies out there – the ones that either break hearts or just got their heart broken (don’t let that boy or girl or anyone, get to you sis). I feel like when you are down its the best time to look your best – it really helps you, myself included, gain that little bit of confidence needed. Yes this outfit is really a top and a skirt and not a dress. A top and a skirt add more to a closet then just a dress. If I was wanting to style this again I would wear a belt. Pair it with a cute bag and off we go!

Top and Skirt from Aritzia, Shoes from Shein.

OK, now it wouldn’t really be a full look book if I didn’t add a dress into the mix of things. Not to keep it super girly I added this leather jacket to break up the soft look. But if you wanted it to be super girly, no worries take the jacket off and you got a complete girly look. I wore thigh high boots with this look, but you can also wear it with something lower like white sneakers or ankle boots for a slightly casual look.

Dress from Blushmark Official, Jacket thrifted, Boots from Shein.

This outfit is for my girls who like to keep it cute all the time. I like to call this outfit my ice cream date (even thou wearing mostly white to an ice cream date would be pretty dangerous because I am a messy eater – the stains). BUT ANYWAYS, the whole idea of the ice cream date (if I ever got to go on one) I feel like this is what I would like to enjoy wearing. If you don’t like the boxy top you can easily swap it out for a tight top such as a body suit so that it looks clean when you need to tuck it in. I thought the little flowers topped this outfit off with a cute look.

Top and skirt from Shein.

Finally, I have put together this little number. Sweet but simple, a little plain Jane if you will. I thought I would wrap the blog up with something cute, sweet and short.

Outfit from Aritzia.

I hope everyone a good long holiday. Once again thanks for reading and hope to see you on my next blog post. Connect with me on all my socials! I recently got into streaming – it would mean the world to me if you followed me on twitch

-Mi ❤