Hello and welcome to one of the first blog posts of 2021~

Today we start of the blog with a skirt – a cute olive toned skirt I got from YJMood, a local Vancouver based store selling Korean fashion/ inspired clothing.

To be quite honest with you – I find skirt hunting quire hard. There are so many lengths, styles, colors, fabric textures and patterns to choose from it can be quite overwhelming. Before choosing this particular skirt I asked myself what kind of skirt I would really enjoy to wear. I don’t have that many mini – ish skirts and I wanted to add another one to my closet. I think the short flintiness of the length gives it a little attitude and I love that.

This particular skirt is in the color olive. It is slightly pleated and comes with an elastic waist band (its quite stretchy)! The website does describe the fabric as thick and I can definitely confirm with that – the fabric is thick and heavy so if you are one to wear shorts under your skirts because of up wind I don’t see that being of concern with this one just because the fabric is slightly heavier.

I do have a lot of outfits for this blog post – so enjoy!!

A tip to buying new clothing is to try to experiment with new colors – if you add a new piece to your closet and its of a color you don’t normally wear this could be a good thing. For me it was olive green because I don’t own many things in this color and the items I could wear with it would be in a different color shade I wouldn’t normally wear with other clothing! Top from oak and fort, shoes from Shein.

Here is an alternative look with the same baggy t-shirt style. I feel like I brought the casualness down with the sneakers, but if I ever wanted to turn it up and make it slight more semi formal a nicer pair of shoes would make a difference! Top from Aritzia, Jacket from Shein , Shoes from Adidas

Here is another super casual outfit but this time with only a half tuck to the t-shirt I am wearing. I really like this black top because its simple and the print on it is quite faded! Its really easy to throw on. This is my alternative to jeans and a t-shirt, but make it a skirt! I chose to style with white sneakers because I have been convinced that white shoes look good with everything, but throw on a pair of black, tan or any sneaker really and this look will still look good! Top from Oak and Fort, Shoes from Adidas

Next up is this “light sweater” and skirt look. I was getting a little tired of the white shoes at this point but I really liked how this bright obnoxious red color went with this muted skirt. In general this sweater is a very look at me piece, so that’s how I like to wear it. Personally I feel like I don’t have that many muted tone pieces for bottoms that wont pull away from this top so I am really glad I get to add this one to my closet! Top is thrifted. Shoes from Steve Madden.

I have had this jacket for a long time but I almost never get to wear it because I was getting tired of wearing it with my current rotation of clothing of blue, black or white bottoms. However this olive skirt complements this jacket color quite nicely and I’m really into these muted color schemes. Under it I am wearing a black cropped tank top ( a good one will go a long way for you). I got this black tank as a gift and honestly it is something I would never purchase myself because of the price – but if I absolutely have no idea what to wear this is my go to clothing piece and I have been forever changed on it. Top from Urban Outfitters, Jacket from Aritzia, Shoes from Shein.

Last outfit I made with this skirt I think is quite preppy. I am wearing (and yes I am really hugging a cute bubble tea plushie) a black top that buttons down the top. I feel like you have two purposes with this top – either as a top or a jacket (details here in my other blog post, outfit #2) . I think this is the most “proper” outfit I would wear if I went anywhere semi formal – and throw on slightly different shoes to fit the event. Top from Simons.

That brings me to the end of my blog post. Thank you so much for reading and I hope I create more content for you to read before the year ends!! It would mean the world to me if you checked out all my socials and drop a follow, subscribe or comment. I try my best to reply to all of them!! I love connecting with people so feel free to say hi!

Lots of love, Mi ❤