A good face cleanser can make a big difference in your skin care routine! This is going to sound crazy to a lot of you, but yes before I use to only really wash my face with just water. I would occasionally use a face cleanser when I felt like I would have pimples or other blemishes, but for the most part I thought water alone would do the trick. Until recent, I have discovered a few face cleansers here and there and thought I would share my experiences with you about using them! In this blog post I will review two brands: Bioré and Coxrx.

Bioré Skin Care Facial Foam

This one comes in this handy tube shaped packaging. I have been using this one for a few months and I find it to be okay on my skin. I tend to use it when I feel like I have a super oily face. I do this because for me, I feel like this one tends to dry my skin out a little more.

The contents of the tube is this white cream. Under water and with gentle application it foams quite nicely on the face and feels like a foam cleanser!

Over all I would say the use of this product has been enjoyable but I don’t think I would buy it again and it wasn’t the right one for me. However I will continue to use it because it does seem to work pretty well – aside that I feel like my face has been dried out (but nothing that a little moisturizer won’t fix)!

CORSX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleaner

This CORSX Low pH cleanser is my favorite so far! I love the smell, how light it feels and how it doesn’t dry my face out when I use this – a mild cleanser if you will. My favorite time to apply this is when I wake up in the morning to feel refreshed and wake my skin up. A little goes a long way and I think it foams up pretty well! It comes in this nice tube like design and I find that there is actually a lot of product packed in here. It smells like a hit of lemon to zing up your senses.

The contents of this tube are this clear gel like substance for the cleanser. I personally love how it looks like water but the gel is thick. However I will go into that I have come across a small packaging flaw. Once when I was picking up the bottle I noticed that it was product was coming out from the seal of the twist cap. So I had to go in and make sure it was really tight. I occasionally tighten it from time to time just in case – no product wasted due to spill or leak!

Overall these have been my two cleansers. For review – I use the Bioré Skin Care Facial Foam when my skin feels really oily and I really want to give it a good clean and the CORSX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleaner pretty much any other time outside that. My recommendations are leaning towards the CORSX Low pH Good Morning Gel cleaner if you want something after this review!

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