Hello to the reader and seasons greetings.

It is not often I come on here with a plain, pictureless blog, but today is that day. I am writing this a little late – past the date of all the chaos of black Friday sales and cyber Monday. I had the chance to think about what I wanted to write and as much as I love presents and gifts of things, I didn’t want to just release a “holiday gift guide” type of blog. NO – today I wanted to present you “Misha’s Thought Process to Gifting”. Sometimes it is a birthday present, graduation present or a Christmas/ Holiday like gift – I always find the following questions commonly coming back to me. “What should I get them?”

I feel like at some time, you have reached the stump – a point where you have no idea what the person you are gifting will even want. For some, it is really stressful because we often find our selves worried that the receiving end wont end up liking it. For other’s it might be what if they never use what they were gifted (from personal experience or other). From someone who get’s this question often, I feel like I’ve said almost every idea under the sun just spewing ideas out (but with some creative questioning in place).

If you are ever put in a situation like this, ask your self the following questions. I personally think this helps coming up with meaningful gift ideas:

  1. What makes the person you are gifting unique? – Is there something you particularly notice about that person that you might like or admire?
  2. What does this person like? – Think of a few key words that you would describe them and think of things that reflect that.
  3. What kind of practical application would they use with an object like this? – Do they seem like the type of person to use this based of what you know of them or would it be too unpractical for their lifestyle?
  4. Do you often hear this person talking about particular things? – Listen to them, does it sound like they have a niche?
  5. Do you know any of any special moments they like to re live? – Examples of this could be once in a life time trips.
  6. Do you know this person is stressed about something in particular? – Is there anything that could help them with this stress?
  7. Do they even like things? – If not, maybe a card with kind words of encouragement will do?

I know these seem like pretty simple questions but its the little thoughts like this that have saved me in many on the spot gift questions – and often for people I don’t even know! But I go through this question/ answer period with everyone that asks me this question and it often result in something good.

If you came here looking for a list of actual ideas, here are a few of my best gift recommendations (some of which are because I have gotten them as gifts myself). Enjoy!

  • Games – board games, steam games, card games
  • A ring light
  • Socks – very specifically from ice breaker (I love merino wool)
  • Blanket Scarf – from Aritzia
  • A marble wrist rest – aesthetic and functional
  • A mouse – The G502 SE hero from Logitech G (the thumb rest is my personal favorite part of this mouse)
  • Customized/ Personalized Stickers – commission an artist or make one yourself!
  • A pedicure – seriously this was such a fun experience to do with one of my friends
  • A soft headband to push hair out of your face
  • Throw these all together into a personalized “Subscription box”
  • Lip balm, but with an SPF – big impact with a small package
  • Reusable make up wipes – a little something for the environment as well
  • Mittens or gloves – I was gifted a pair of mittens and I love them now
  • A card holder – I got my first one as a gift and now I only use card holders
  • Picture frame/ picture book – electronic or stationary but with a picture inside already
  • Custom Mug – throw on a funny face (or 5)

I hope this small list gets you going on some type of ideas. Happy reading and shopping! Thanks for reading as always ❤