Recently (and I mean very recently). I have started to add hat’s to my collection of portraits. I would like to thank my friend Nicole, for her influence on me on this fashion/ portrait prop, and I can say for sure that is not a bad one.

Hat’s (especially with a brim) are amazing because if you do not know what to do with your hands this is a great way to make your hands do something. This hand placement when in a photoshoot is quite the struggle, and I will admit I have come across this multiple times.

Lets take the above photo for example. To add some dimension and triangles into this photo (for interesting body shape). I am “pulling” the jacket back to give it some movement. Now let’s do the same sitting pose but with a hat!

I actually slightly prefer this pose a little more because unlike the previous photo I am more aligned up and down. My hands are closer to my head and I believe that this illusion makes me look taller as I sit. I held the brim of this hat to add the “triangle” shape closer to my head, but because I did this my posture also became more “vertical”.

So yes, this hat from gig pip, started my whole love of hats. This and a similar one were which pretty much what promoted me to start loving hats. Not to say I never have via other people’s Instagram – but after holding one and having the chance to wear it myself, I definitely became a huge fan.

Okay so back to the hand thing, everyone does the hair tuck behind the ear pose, but if you still feel awkward with your other hand not knowing what to do, I think holding the hat from the brim looks pretty good and it doesn’t make you feel like you are just having your free hand dangle down!

Here is a pose I would like to name “Hats off to you”! It’s actually what I’m doing in the photo, taking my hat off. I find that some of movement photos are well captured! Hands in pocket, and other hand taking the hat off. The trick to movement photos is not to speed run the task, but to just casually take your time, but not your sweet time – to take the hat off.

Okay here is one more final pose you can do with a hat. To be honest, this pose came naturally to me and because of a little trial and error we managed to come out with this shot. The previous clicks you don’t see is me running a little then doing a little jump and here is the “land”. However, the first few times I did this I thought my hands would both be by my side. Little did I fail to realize was that the hat flew off my head while jumping, no matter how “little” I seemed to be doing the jump with the hands to my side as I envisioned. This was the final outcome of me just holding the hat down with my hand and we called it a day.

I think its easier to experiment with different poses only after you try a few and get comfortable with a handful. So it’s okay to start with the few you are most comfortable with and move on from there! It also doesn’t hurt to experiment a little. If you see a pose you really like, I really encourage you to try it and maybe from there it could evolve into something else.

Little lengthy of a blog today but I hope you enjoyed the read and the insight to my posing style/ tips.

Thanks for reading! FYI Photos in the blog were taken by my friends Ana and Nicole, editing by me (:

MI ❤