The Wilfred Free Daria Pant from Aritzia has to be a crowd favorite for those who own it. To name now long I have owned mine for – has been a good 4 years in the wearing.

These pants have been with me from nights out to I have nothing to wear to birthday parties and other semi formal gatherings. They are most likely one of the most variable pants I own in my closet that I just love to wear in the fall/ winter.

In this blog post, I cover some of the fits I would wear these pants with. For those of you who have been eying them and thinking “I have no idea what I would wear with them”, let me show you how many outfits you can pull off with these pants to look instantly put together. Check out my IG reel for a summary of these outfits! Enjoy ❤

Lets start with something easy. This is on the more casual side. I am wearing a basic buttoned up top with the sleeves rolled up tucked into the front of the pant. To simplify the outfit even further, just throw on sneakers. My choice of sneakers are white, but I feel like any other flat or ankle boot in black would do the trick as well!

The next outfit is similar to the one posted above. The only difference is that I added some kitten heels and a long trench jacket. Since this outfit contains a lot of basic elements (white top, black pants, black shoes). I thought to spice up the outfit a little bit was to add a printed type of jacket.

To bring it back to the sneakers look, here something alternative if you don’t feel like wearing a white button up top. I wore these pants (which are relatively high waisted) with a fuzzy grey turtle neck.

I personally think this look is still on the casual side, but the Daria Pant elevates it a little. Monochrome looks are really easy to put together and I think they make you really good with minimal effort. Let’s see it with a grey trench and grey toque to top it off. Transition to something a little warmer – do you feel the cozy vibes like I do! (This might be one of my personal favored outfits especially with the grey trench!)

Okay now for another type of base outfit. Black cropped tank with these pants plus some heeled suede boots (which come above my ankle). Most likely the simplest outfit out here, but you can never go wrong with all black!

So with the same base outfit I am wearing two different coats . On the left side a shorter blazer look and I would wear this to a birthday party (not that there are any happening at the moment, but these are all hypothetical situations). The next one with the brown long jacket I would wear to the mall or something.

Finally the last outfit I have for this blog is something I would like to wear on a date maybe ( if I ever went on one lol). Throw on some kitten heels, a flowy tank top and black leather jacket! This last look has to be one of my other personal favorites ❤

If you are online shopping, want to try these pants out and struggling to figure out what size you are. I got these in a size XS. They were a little hard to get on the first time, but as I wore them and broke them in, the easier they became to wear. Here are my measurements to help you compare!

Height: 5 ft. 3 inches Waist: 24 inches Hips: 34 inches

Thanks for reading, see you on the next blog!

~Mi ❤