Today, I am coming at you with a mini fashion blog – so get ready for some summer to fall outfits. It is getting a little chilly in the mornings, but still a little warm (ish) in the afternoon. Here are a few ways I keep my summer clothing transitional.

Lets start with this monochrome outfit. Honestly, every time I pull one of these outfits out of my closet I am surprised at myself on how many similar color items I have. The button up top is from Oak and Fort and I paired it here with some dress pants from UNIQLO. Side rave on these dress pants, they feel like sweat pants with out the look of them. Serious game changer in my closet – and I often find my self throwing on these dress pants as casual pants just because they feel so comfortable! I can’t find these exact ones on the website any more, but here are a similar pair.

Second outfit! This one is a little more on the quirky side (mostly because of the sweater). I actually featured this sweater around the start of Jan 2020, and you can read about it here. It looks shorter because I actually tucked the sweater under a belt! I don’t actually need the belt to hold the skirt up, and it is just there solely for the purposes of holding the sweater up to give it that cute cropped look. The skirt is from Forever 21 – but its just a pretty simple circular plaid skirt and you can find these everywhere. Since the top is bright and eye catching. I paired it with something black on the bottom to neutralize the “look at me” factor of this outfit. The shoes, are my very well loved, well worn knee highs from Brown Shoes. They do have a high price tag to them, but I’ve had these for almost 5 years now and I plan to keep them for as long as possible – each season they turn into a staple and one of the best investment’s I have ever made so far.

Okay moving on to another transition outfit.

Here is the outfit breakdown: Cardigan (Aritzia), Top (UNIQLO), Pants (Oak + Fort). Similar items hyperlinked, or if not similar, alternative to how I would personally style it!

I think this is closer to a minimal style because of the amount of basic pieces I used to create this fit. Since it’s not particularly cold yet – these pants are actually culottes pants. Which, because of the wide leg style – are typically added to my summer clothing rotation for when I don’t particularly want to wear shorts or a skirt – but not pants either because it gets too hot for me. I threw on this knit cardigan for the chilly morning. Easily removable for the afternoon when it gets warmer.

I love this dress – its form fitting but still casual looking, also the fabric is soft and comfy. You can’t tell its a dress because I paired it with this sweater, but its a dress with a tank top like design on the upper half. I find the secret to wearing sweater and dresses is to choose a sweater that comes a little higher or around your waist. Shoes are from Steve Madden – these are not the same ones I am wearing, but they look pretty close! I got these shoes last year and it was my first type of shoe in the Chelsea style – a close fitting, ankle high boot with an elastic panel on the side. If you want to make this outfit a little more closer to fall – add a tuque!

That is a wrap to my short transition blog. These are real outfits I’ve worn through the week and I’m so excited to see what I think of next for the remainder of this month!

See you in the next blog post! Thanks for reading.

Mi~ ❤