In the face of a pandemic, I feel lucky that our province has taken the control of the situation to ensure that residences can eat out at restaurants. While dining out has had some changes – I’m glad I had to opportunity to dine out and try something new! This was my fist time eating at AFURI ramen + dumpling and in this blog post I will go over the full dine in experience with COVID-19 measures.

When you first enter AFURI there is this touch screen panel with the menu, so you select what you want and pay. Then someone comes and directs you to a table. Before you enter the restaurant floor one member of your group writes down their name and contact information for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes. There was also hand sanitizer by the door to minimize the contact of outside germs from entering the restaurant. It was nice to see all those COVID-19 precautionary measures being followed at the restaurant and I believe it added to my dining experience.

Once we were seated inside, they did have appropriate social distancing between tables and barriers in-between where needed. The staff also were masks, which overall added to the responsibility of the premises. As far as COVID-19 precautions go, I think AFURI did a very good job.

OKAY so enough about the precautions, lets get into the foood!!!

My personal rating for the restaurant is 3.5/5. I wasn’t exactly mind blown by the food but it was good. I don’t know if I would recommend it to a friend, but if someone suggested to eat here I would be okay with this and come along.

These are the noodles we had (we ordered all the same thing, Yuzu Tsuyu Tsukemen). I got mine with hot noodles, but honestly after I was done taking the photos they were cold, so if you are also going to take photos just get the cold ones.

Here is the dipping experience of the noodles, quite enjoyable. I quite liked the dipping sauce. I would describe it as something light, not heavy. It also lasted me the entire bowl, so I no issues with the amount of dipping sauce I was given.

We also had this gyoza dish, the buta gyoza to share. It was very average. If you expect it to taste like gyoza, it will taste like it.

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