Hello hello again, here we are with another blog post but on clothing (my favorite next to food).

Today I feature a brand I bet everyone has seen on almost every social media platform as advertisements or as a haul. In this blog post I will cover a few of the pieces I got and I will do an in depth YouTube (@HeyMishamew) review later!

I feel like most of the hauls I see online are sponsored so here is my non sponsored haul, enjoy! If you check out my IG (@mishamew), you’ll see a reel on some of these (:

So before I even ordered something from this website the questions I had going in were “how legit is this” or “is the quality really that good”, because let’s face it, almost everything on this website can get pretty cheep. But don’t worry I will cover it in this blog.

To cover a few basic things, I live in Canada and my SHEIN order came in the mail about 2 weeks after I ordered it and it was delivered by DHL. SHEIN does have tracking on this package and the origins say it comes from China. Upon it getting here, I did have to pay a fee on the package, mine was about $30 CAD. When I got the package each article of clothing was individually packed inside a clear zip lock styled bag with the SHEIN logo on the outside.

Overall I was impressed about the quality of each item in the sense where I didn’t feel like it would immediately fall apart after 1 to 3 wears. Overall I was happy with each of the quality of clothing. There were a few loose strings here and there but for the price I was still okay with it. I did have a few issues with the sizes of the clothing, where even thou I ordered a small it was still too big for me. For example skirts without an elastic band were loose around the waist, but is very easily altered with some at home sewing skills!

I WISH I had the links or item names to these pieces but sadly I don’t have them any more, I will try to find some of them and put them at the end of my blog. Link to my hairstylist as well, she worked magic on my hair and I am so happy with the ash grey color *insert the heart emoji*

I swear I feel like my normal style is much more colorful than this normally, but I just so happened to need more black pants and I thought this would be a good time to experiment. I also love white tops so, tada my black and white looks plus some other ones.

Overall the joggers and the jeans I am super impressed with. They are so high waisted, the kind that amazingly go up to your belly button and a little higher. The jeans are loose around the waist but easily fixed with a belt and they feel like a soft denim, super easy to wear. I bought them in the “mom jean” type of style and I’m so happy. The joggers are also surprisingly soft, they come with a tie type of waist so they fit fine. If I could I would also re buy these. I was a little scared because they looked more shiny online and I was scared because I thought they would be reflective but they weren’t so I was very happy with this purchase. The tie around the waist actually works as a tie and not just for decoration – so its very adjustable.

Now time for the skirts. I did order the blue skirt with the small floral print in a small. It was big at the waist so I did take it in. There is a zipper in the back so you can slip in and out of the skirt no issues. Also this skirt is lined, which makes it non see through. That was the most impressive part for me. So because the skirt was big at the waist for me I did take it in a little bit, but I used some basic sewing skills at home and it fits perfectly now. I used the same method for the red pleated skirt. I actually think the red is a little too bright for my personal liking but if you are looking for something that is truly red, then this skirt is just what your looking for.

If you made it to the end of my blog, thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little piece and with visuals! I’m sorry if you got to the end had no links, its because I couldn’t find any, sad reacts only.

Once again, thanks for reading and see you next time! A more comprehensive review on my YouTube soon, stay tuned ❤