Hello hello, it has been a hot minute. By hot minute I mean a long time since I’ve written something on the blog. Sorry for my absence but sometimes days get so hectic (its been months) I don’t even realize that the day has ended!! Regardless, during this time I still have been itching to write about a lot of things so why not start off again with food.

The other day I went to J Squared Ice Cream and I was very impressed. It’s not very evident in this blog but trust me when I say I love ice cream. I eat ice cream almost every day and if you ever catch me eating a snack at home, it will be ice cream. I definitely live by the phrase “Eating one ice cream a day.”

J Squared Ice Cream is a newly opened ice cream shop located in Richmond, BC and they make artisan tea flavored ice cream. You can buy ice cream in scoops or in a pint. Since we were going out to eat dinner after, we only got scoops but I would go back to try more flavors next time most definitely. This place only takes cash or debit. There is also no seating area on the inside, and we didn’t want to stand around outside the store where everyone else was so we just ate the ice cream in my car. They do have crowd control on the inside since its not very big and clear markings on where to stand in line while waiting to order.

The ice cream scoops we got were Shangai fog (held by @this_hou__), Masala Chai (@ainsc26) and Cinnamon Toast Crunch in my hands.

Personally, I liked the flavor I got the best only because I do love cinnamon toast crunch (and it literally tasted like that), but towards the end I will admit I was a little sick of the flavor and the “toast crunch part” got too crunchy. Most on the cinnamon toast crunch because its the one I ate. The texture was different compared to the Masala Chai and the Shangai Fog, in the sense where it was more dense, or more mouth feel. Chewy would be a good description word but imagine it for ice cream.

The Masala Chai was also really good but I don’t think I would enjoy it if I had to eat the entire scoop my self because it was so overwhelmingly chai tasting for me, but if you love chai then yes by all means get a scoop or two of this! I would go back and try the Shangai fog because it was interesting enough to peak my interest and I think I would be able to eat a whole scoop of it alone.

Just a short quick one today, hope you enjoyed the ice cream review.

Catch you next time and thanks for reading ❤