Happy Valentines Day <3.

Love is in the air, and Valentines day lands on a Friday this year which means that the lloovvee can be extended to the weekend (lol). I hope you find these 5 outfits I have put together for this day handy.

I would say my personal style is quite casual, but I think this is okay. I feel like there are so many outfits out there that are more Valentines day but glammed out, so here are my toned down, low key and simple (but still cute) outfits.

Personally, I’ve never really done anything on Valentine’s day, but even if your alone on this day of love, know that you are still loved <3. If it makes you feel better I’m not doing anything special, and since you’ve made it here there’s a bonus 6th outfit at the end ;).

Outfit #1

Top (Sunday Best, XS) and skirt (Babaton, 0) are both from Aritzia.

I’ve had these pieces in my closet for a while now so I don’t think they are on the website any more but if you like the look, and if I had to re create it with what I see on the website at the moment, I would go with the Wilson Skirt and the Olson Top.

I know when people think Valentine’s day they think of red, but I have also associated this day with flowers and the color white. To me, red is a passionate color it’s quite bold, but white is soft and I think equally as romantic in a more subtle type of way.

Outfit #2

But for the sake of Valentines day and to get into the groove of the classic red, this is my take on it.

Im wearing a tube top (unknown) and highwaisted pants (Wilfred,0) from Aritzia.

I think on its own this outfit is already quite sharp because of the red top, but what I really like are the pants. I think the zipper down the front makes the outfit more streamline.

Black Jacket from Simons but the brand is called renamed, size S.

To add to this outfit if your not the type to enjoy bare shoulders, I added a cropped black jacket (which I actually think is a top, but I decided to unbutton it all the way and use it as a crop jacket). Since the entire jacket is black, I don’t think the extra pockets really distract from the outfit. I must admit, even if this wasn’t a Valentines day look book I would love to wear this to some type of event in the future.

Outfit #3

Wearing top (Wilfred, XXS) from Aritzia and Pants (Uniqlo, XS)

Personally this is one of my more “tame” outfits. But this top really just speaks on its own; off shoulder, puffy sleeves, and a loose flare at the bottom (its every trend you could want in one). For those reasons alone I think it’s okay to just let the top be the top and pair it with simple grey pants. Maybe it’s the light pinkness of this, but it makes me feel very girly compared to the last outfit and I like the switch up in style!

Outfit #4

Wearing turtleneck (Uniqlo, XS), brown jacket (Le Château, XXS) and grey pants (Citizen of Humanity, 24, Mandy high waist retro slim roll up)

This outfit is for the girls that don’t always like to look girly. I personally think this outfit is so cool, but to me this isn’t a “baddie” type of look either. I played it down with the color pallet – you can never really go wrong with browns, whites and greys. Since the jacket is brown it doesn’t contrast as much as a black jacket would. Also this type of faux leather jacket doesn’t come with the “flaps” like on traditional biker jackets, so the look is actually quite clean.

Outfit #5

Wearing sweater (Le Château, XXL)

I won’t go too much into this sweater because I’ve written about it before. But just to switch it up from the previous outfits 1-4, which were quite on the spring/ summer side if I had to pick a season. So to warm it up (because in Vancouver it’s still cold in February) I added this sweater. It’s still a sweater so I would wear tights or leggings under it still but since its an XXL I would also be comfortable wearing it as a dress still.

Bonus Outfit #6

Sweatpants (Roots, XS) and a baggy T (brothers closet lol)

That’s right – this is my bonus outfit! Nothing fancy or flashy but instead cozy and comfy. I personally have no idea how the other IG fashionistas make cozy look so cute, but this is pretty much my every day cozy wear. If your like me and your spending your Valentine’s Day at home, its okay because so am I (and I’m sure a lot of other people as well lol)!

I think part of love is learning to be alone, celebrate YOURSELF. There’s an awkwardness and I believe it’s important to be okay with it. For a long time, I hated being alone and I’m guilty for staying in relationships just because I thought I would be alone. But experience has taught me that it’s okay to be alone and sometimes you need it. It’s something that didn’t happen overnight but now I’m perfectly content with it – now the silence is no longer awkward and instead its peaceful.

Well this ending of the blog was supposed to make you laugh a little with the bonus outfit so I hope you did.

Either way, thanks again for reading ❤ until next time – Mi