Well this weekend was pretty exciting for me I got to make some pretty bomb food and eat some as well ❤


First up on the eating weekend was this Bibimbap, recipe we tried to follow linked, emphasis on tried. This beautiful arrangement of food was plated by my friend Emily

So tried as we might have to follow the recipe, we just couldn’t find all the ingredients and we already had some. So like the nature of cooking and experimenting we made with what we had! I think the biggest difference is that we just swapped the white rice for brown rice, then we got a bunch of pre made toppings from our local korean grocery store.

Our favorite topping , not pictured, was the seaweed! The other toppings in the photos are cooked spinach, ground beef seasoned with pepper and brown sugar, kimchi, bean sprouts, an egg and carrots! This isn’t the most true version of bibimbap but it was our attempt at this Korean dish.


Now this coffee/ tea house is so cute and its pretty spacious on the inside as well! I had the chance to catch up here at perchance with my friend Edward.

This is a cute cafe that has little cakes, your standard pastries, coffee and bubble tea (with I personally wasn’t expecting)! The tea flavors we got were very light but the pearls were nice and chewy, so if your a fan of tea that isn’t too strong I would definitely recommend this place.

These roll cakes were also pretty good! The hojicha one (or the one with the bite) is on the left and the blueberry one is on the right! I personally liked the blueberry one more because the blueberry taste really came through in the cream filling of the roll.

I would say it’s a good place to catch up and get some work done. It is a fairly quiet cafe and the people there are super friendly!


Suika is hands down one of my favorite restaurants in Vancouver and if I had to recommend somewhere to eat, its this place. Suika is one of my favorites because there are so many share dishes to choose from, and I think each of them are done really well.

So this time around there were 4 of us and we ordered 5 dishes in total and the 4 pictured were my favorite.

Photo above: Cold Ramen Salad

The Cold Ramen Salad is one of my faves here. I don’t really know why I like it but it’s different from all the other hot dishes we had and it was a refreshing bite to our meal. I think even if your not one to like vegetables, you’ll like this dish. Just don’t forget to squeeze the lemon in and mix everything together before you eat!

Photo below: Cod (?) – this was on the chef special menu

I was a little skeptical at first but after trying it it won me over. The fish pretty much fell off the bone and it was so soft and easy to eat! I feel like this was a dish I wouldn’t have ordered if I went here alone but I’m always down to try new foods and I appreciate the friends that order things I would never think of. It means I get to expand my food pallet :3

Photo above: Unagi Pizza (this one’s on the slightly salty side but I think it’s because its made with so much cheese) – don’t be fooled the crust is super thin but there is so, so much topping on this pizza! >//< I would definitely order this again!

Photo below: Kara – Miso Duck

I actually ordered this dish on my birthday (around July) and when I came here again we ordered it and it was plated a little differently! The first time I came here the pieces were actually cut a little thinner, which I prefer, but the thicc cut pieces were just as good! The dish essentially tasted exactly the same so it’s the consistency of the taste that counts ❤

It’s a short blog piece today but I hope you enjoyed reading it and found some new places to eat in Vancouver ❤

Thanks for reading ~ Mi