Let’s start one of my 2020 blog posts with a Dine Out review! The Dine Out Festival is a chance for you to try pre fixed priced menus around many restaurants in Vancouver. This festival happens from Jan 17 to Feb 2, 2020 and you can see the full list online!

I went to The Trump Champagne Lounge + Crudo Bar for this first Dine Out experience. We all have never gone there before and the menu sounded interesting!

Dress from Le Chateau.

The appetizers.

The appetizer closest to me (photo reference above) is the Salmon Tostada and the one farthest from me is the Chicken Liver Parfait. Both of these appetizers were good and similar in a sense because they both had “soft” and “hard/crunchy” textures mixed together. If you want to try something safe get the salmon tostada, if your up for something new the Chicken Liver Parfait is also a good option.

If I had to choose between the two again I would actually go for the Chicken Liver Parfait. I only got to try a bite out of it, but I liked how they added the marmalade with the Chicken Liver Parfait.

The Entrees.

Above is a photo of the Beef Mosaic. To highlight the Beef Mosaic, it was beautifully plated. However, it wasn’t my favorite dish out of the whole meal. I thought the most interesting part was the parsnip croquette. But I didn’t personally like the sous vide beef flank it self as much as I thought I would. I personally found it on the chewy side and had had a much tougher bite to it than I expected.

The next dish is the Miso Marinated Cod. I liked this a lot better and if I had to go back and choose I would go with this! I enjoyed how the fish was cooked much better than the beef. I also really enjoyed the light miso flavor. This isn’t what I ordered but I got a bite of it and from that bite I determined that I would have enjoyed it much better than the Beef Mosaic.

The Dessert.

Okay big shocker, we all chose the same thing, Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Tiramisu. The best part of the meal (save the best for last right). I (we) loved this. The hojicha wasn’t too strong and the layers were so soft and light with each bite! I really enjoyed how it wasn’t too sweet so it was pretty easy to eat the entire cup.

The other deserts were a decadent chocolate cake or chia pudding with exotic fruit compote. Looking at the menu for a second time I wouldn’t change my dessert order so I’m really happy with this choice.

Photo of Emily enjoying her Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Tiramisu (x3).

Order Review

What I ordered: Salmon Tostada, Beef Mosaic, Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Tiramisu

What I would order if I went back: Chicken Liver Parfait, Miso Marinated Cod, Hojicha Roasted Green Tea

Restaurant Overall

I didn’t really take any photos of the restaurant but I just want to give the precautionary pre warning that the tables are short if you have never been there before. We sat down and the tables were coffee height, so they came up to our knees. Eating was a little awkward in terms of experience but overall was still a good time.

Thanks for reading ❤