Snow has finally hit Vancouver and as much as I wished I could have had a snow day, I didn’t. However, today is my day off so I decided to hop on the blog and write an entry today. I spent all of my day off indoors getting cozy, so I decided to write about my recent sweater additions to my closet. So, grab a cup of tea or coffee and get cozy with me!

Below is a photo of me literally hopping in front of my camera as the self timer goes off. I have not done this in a while and I actually forgot how to turn the self timing feature on and when I finally remembered, I set it for 2 seconds instead of 10 lol.

This big orange bear printed sweater was a little Christmas gift to myself. It is from raiment-nyc, an online clothing store. I wasn’t skeptical when browsing the website since everything looked so cool but it was only after I ordered it I became skeptical (because it shipped from somewhere so far away – it doesn’t come from NYC – and it took forever to come). But good news – It came!

This sweater comes in many colors but I loved the orange one the best. When choosing sweater colors I wasn’t concerned with how many outfits I could put together with it because I really wanted that stand alone piece. I do think that the other colors would be perfect, despite the print, if you did want to build quiet unique pieces, but that wasn’t the case for me this time around.

I am quite happy for the quality, this is a knit sweater and it feels good – it is non itchy. Which I couldn’t be happier about. My biggest fear with sweaters is how they feel against your bare skin. I had no issues with this one so it was all good.

Now I do wish I managed to take a photo of this standing up (but again it’s been a while and my camera set up wasn’t really working with me today) so here is my best description in words.

For reference I am 162cm. I bought this sweater in a size M (it was the smallest size on the website) and it fits very loose on me, as expected – it is more of a slightly boxy sweater if I had to give it a shape. I have no problem with the length of the sleeves but I do have a small (tiny) issue with the length of the overall sweater. It’s not so long I would wear it as a sweater dress but I would personally style it with denim shorts under, black biker shorts or just wear with your usual leggings/ jeans. My advice to sizing is, if your a little taller and want it to be more of a sweater dress is to size up. the knit of the sweater isn’t very thick so I don’t think you would have any issues with the bulkiness of the sweater.

Here is my second sweater, believe it or not it’s actually a sweater and not a sweater dress. This sweater comes from Le Chateau and it is so SO soft. This was a gift from one of my friends and I couldn’t love it more. I actually really like getting clothing gifts from friends because I would get things I would have never gotten for myself. This sweater being an example of it, I don’t think this is a piece I would naturally gravitate towards but I’m so happy it’s part of my closet now.

For size im wearing an XXL. It’s great because for an XXL sweater the length of the sweater increases but the arm size doesn’t increase keeping on the slightly slimmer look. If I was going to step outside the house and knew I wouldn’t go into a building for a while I would wear tights under this to make the look more outdoor appropriate in this current snowy weather.

To close this blog off let me leave these cute little dumpling slippers from Smoko. You can plug these babies in, stick em on your feet and have them heat up. You can’t walk around in them and it pretty much heats up on spot, but if your just sitting and doing work it is pretty cozy :3

Thanks for reading ❤

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