Fall is almost ending and all the leaves are dying, this means winter is around the corner (or has already hit you depending on where you live). But fear not! It is possible to look cute and stay warm at the same time, shocking I know right?

One of my favorite looks till this day, is something I put together way back when I used to live in Ottawa. So pretty much this look I created with my closet in university is about three years old and surprisingly I still own all of the pieces today (except for one, and I’ll get into that in a bit). Big shout out to my friend Trevor for taking these photos.

Now this was a cute outfit and the more I look at it the more I love it. Im wearing a scarf from Zara, I couldn’t find the exact one but I found this cute basic one that I would get if I needed another scarf. This Zara purchase is surprising to me because I’ve actually used it many times over and years and I still have it today. I find it to be very warm because its so long! I can fold it over and over until it becomes really thick. Also, because it is so long I can wrap it around my neck many times.

End of fall, start of winter type of walk.

My white top is from Aritzia, again the link isn’t my top exactly but it’s pretty close and in the color black. My skirt from Garage Clothing (which I don’t own anymore). Finally my shoes (not that you can really see them), but I love them to death and I have owned them for at least 5 years now are from Brown Shoes. I could get into a whole topic for just shoes, so I’ll save that for another blog.

That Black Coat

Here is an example of me wearing my scarf, it’s only looped around once in this photo but trust me there is enough length to wrap it around another time. The long duster coat I have on is from Aritzia (surprise, surprise). I have seen this coat in stores before in different colors, but right now I don’t see it online. If I had to pick a close alternative I would actually go with either the Babaton Stedman Wool Coat or the Luxe Lounge Jacket ( I have not personally tried either of these jackets on in store, but online they look the most promising).

I love this outfit because even though my jacket is black and my shoes are black you can really see the contrast between the two. A prime example of wearing mixed materials if you choose to wear the same colors with each other! In this look I have also buttoned the jacket using all the buttons. I love how just changing the open jacket to a closed jacket gives my outfit a different look. I let my scarf down to just drape around my shoulders to make the neck area visible! To me this really feels like an elevated fashion.

For this look, I didn’t exactly try to hide the red color because a pop of red actually makes the look more interesting. In general I feel like this outfit is quite basic in colors because it’s mostly black, white and grey. So in this case my scarf is truly acting like a stand out accessory.

I hope this fashion posts gives you a few ideas on how to look cute but stay warm at the same time while the temperature drops.

As always thanks for reading ❤ – MI

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