Hey Everyone!

Here is a quick blog post for you this halloween evening (late to the game as per usual, but here we go). A few weeks ago I made an appearance on my friends YouTube Channel, ISSA LOOK and we turned this boring old, never wears makeup type of girl into an ABG (Asian Baby Girl).

Screenshot of the video clip, lol I had no “before” photos but here is a good one of me. Bareface and no product in my hair.

With the help of Jello (hair stylist) and Erin (makeup artist), I somehow ended up looking like a completely different person at the end (and I loved it).

Photo by Sheldon.

I will admit, it’s quite a different look for me and finding clothes from my closet to make this happen was a little challenging but I think I got it down.

My ABG outfit comprised of:

  • Bra top – which I got from Mori Bay (click here for details on my other blog post)
  • Black Shoes – from Browns Shoes Wishbone collection. They don’t seem to have this style online any more, but I honestly love the quality from this collection!
  • Black Leggins – Aritzia, DARIA PANT. These pants/ leggings have been a game changer to my closet and I have no regrets buying them. They instantly make every outfit I wear very edgy.
Photo By Sheldon

Dressing up to look different every once in a while is actually quite fun! It really gets me out of my comfort zone of “dressing the same” and I feel like this is how you learn to experiment with clothing and style. The makeup aspect of this was also fun (but I don’t think I’ll double stack the eyelashes again, one layer is good for me teehee). Maybe I’ll step out and try and create more looks like this in the future, stay tuned to find out (or let me know if you enjoyed this and it will definitely happen again)!

Screen Shot from Youtube Clip
Photo By Sheldon

Once again HUGE thank you to the team at Happy Face Emoji (Erin, Jello and Sheldon).

Happy Reading and I hope your night was as ssppooookyyy as it needed to be 😉

As always, Mi ❤