The other day, something magical happened. I left my house not for a photo shoot, but to eat. I went to Chewie’s Biscuit Co, Viet House and Rain or Shine Ice cream. Let me tell you this was a full (both in the activity and stomach filling type of way) day.

My day started with brunch at Chewie’s Biscuit Co. located on West 4th Avenue. This is a cute brunch restaurant with an orange and white theme going on. I ordered this dish called “Stoner” which was pretty much a fried chicken breast and butter pickles sandwiched in between a honey biscuit with a honey ground mustard sauce. Personally, I liked this dish. My favorite part of it was the mustard sauce. The fried chicken breast was also pretty crispy and satisfied my taste buds on the whole “crispy” factor of fried chicken. It was my first time coming here and yes, I would go back again to try something else!

The Stoner

After eating brunch the day’s activities continued and we didn’t really eat a late lunch but the next time we ate was for an early dinner. We chose the Viet House on Cambie. Below are the dishes we ordered, I went with two other friends for a total of three dishes.

Dish Number One: The Spicy Hue Lemongrass Beef Noodle Soup. My friend informed me it came with two quail eggs which made it special and overall he enjoyed the dish!

#18 Spicy Hue Lemongrass Beef Noodle Soup

Dish Number Two: The Grilled Lemongrass Chicken. My friend Emily, told me that the chicken was well seasoned. However, the rest of the dish was quite basic in terms of ingredients. But she did emphasize that the dish was overall good.

#25 Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

Dish Number Three: The House Special. This was my dish and I don’t really know what I was expecting, but I honestly thought this dish was just okay. I didn’t think it was out of this world or even good, but it was just okay as in satisfactory (so I seemed to have been the only person that didn’t enjoy the meal that much). It might have been because I ordered something quite basic. I didn’t really enjoy it because I didn’t think the dish was flavourful in terms of the soup base. Based on my dish alone I don’t know if I would recommend this restaurant to a friend visiting the city, but if someone asked me to eat here again I wouldn’t oppose it. I would definitely try to order something else and give this place a second chance.

#17 The House Special

Question for my readers: Which of these three dishes would you have ordered?

After dinner, one of us wanted ice cream so we all went to Rain or Shine (which just so happens to be a 1 minute walk from the Viet House) and ordered a flight (for the three of us). Isn’t it amazing when one person waning ice cream turns into all three people having ice cream?

Side story: There was a cute childrens book at the table about an elephant wondering about sharing its ice cream with friends. Well, like the book, that is exactly what we did and it was SUCH A GOOD IDEA. SO, I therefore highly recommend for you to try this if your out with a group of friends (or alone, no judgement here, ice cream for one is pretty much the same as ice cream for all).

(From Left to Right) : Cider Sorbet, Brown Butter Snickerdoodle, London Fog, Malted Milk Chocolate Honeycomb.

Alright, finally the best part, ice cream. Okay here my personal ranking (after much thought and debate)…

  1. Brown Butter Snickerdoodle
  2. London Fog
  3. Malted Milk Chocolate Honeycomb
  4. Cider Sorbet

… and here is why (1) I love snickerdoodle, because of the snickerdoodle chunks. (2) The London Fog is a classic and I think they did the tea flavor part of it really well. (3) I really wish this number two spot was the malted milk chocolate honeycomb because I LOVE CHOCOLATE, but I guess today the milk chocolate wasn’t really doing it for me that day. (4) I mean okay the idea was cool, the taste was okay. It pretty much tasted like an apple pie filling but icy.

Overall the day was jammed packed with food and most of it was pretty delicious! As always thanks for reading and I hope you found new places to eat in Vancouver!

XOXO – Mi ❤

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