I’ve been modeling on Instagram for about four years now and here’s what I’ve learnt from it. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, connecting with real people, being organized, and working as a team. Most importantly it’s about confidence, and it has taken me a really long time to get into this and really accept who I am and what I look like.

Also, would you believe it’s taken me almost four years to accept that I’m a model? In my first two years, people were already telling me that I’m a model but for some reason I couldn’t believe it. I think a big part of this was due to my lack of confidence and abilities, but I failed to realize that stepping in front of a camera to be the subject is hard. There’s always a slight awkwardness or even shyness to overcome.

Here is a photo of me in one of my first years of modeling. This photo was taken by @Style Ascension, my first ever instagram friend and now real life friend. But more than that is the story behind this photo. A photo is always a mix and match between two people when it comes to pose. I think as a model its important to get the general body position correct but please trust your photographers to also direct you, say maybe your head or body rotated position.

I think what really helped me when first starting out was meeting and working with @trsw_. My experience shooting with Trevor was overall very positive and I think positive feedback can contribute a lot to a photoshoot. Its encouraging and helps the model out because not only is there this personal comfort zone to get out of, there is this whole new comfort zone to get into which I’ll call the creative comfort zone. The limits and boundaries of a photoshoot.

Photo by Jeff (@Readysetshutter)

I would say this photo is pretty unique. But think about how I’m posed in this photo? Jeff and I have a great connection, but it’s not like it was like this shot on day one of meeting. It was with constant communication and getting to know each other slowly that was really the building blocks for this photo. This was me trusting Jeff as a photographer to capture something amazing. But part of it is me, being comfortable to move and pose in a way where I would feel more awkward than needed to infront of Jeff. Confidence is key and it is okay for it to have a gradual build.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA shot by K A Y L I (@wandering)

Moving onto a photo from my more recent years of modeling. It was actually another photographer that wanted to meet and Kayli also happened to be there. The shoot was short but sweet and I think everyone was happy with the results. Before, if someone stood close to me for a photoshoot for a shot like this, you wouldn’t have definitely seen the awkwardness in my facial expression.

Photo by Tom (@tom_tom_tom_tang), male model Charles.

Finally, a photo from one of my most recent photoshoots – modeling with other models. Let me tell you, this was new for me and also intimidating. In a room filled with creatives it’s easy to feel less than. BUT NO! Never feel less than, and more importantly never compare. The most genuine photos is when everyone can be themselves. Remember if you were invited to somewhere, like this shoot, you were invited because people want YOU there for who you are and for whatever personal you have for yourself.

I hope you’ve gained a little insight of my modeling journey, but also on how my confidence grew over four years of it.

Happy Reading ❤ – MI