Let’s talk about adventure – a topic beloved by the explorers, the wanders, and those who like to experience new things. A few days ago I got to explore my very own home city of Vancouver with my friend Nicole (beautiful travel photos btw).

Despite going to high school, coming back in the summer time between university and even finishing a degree at a local school. I have not had that much time to explore. My point trying to be; when your working, going to school or just visiting its hard to do everything you want to do even when you live here!

I think the key to adventure is to follow your heart (or in this case the gram) when going places. My friend had a big list of places she wanted to go to and so we took the day to adventure. This photo collection isn’t a globe trotting experience or anything, but its a small collection of diamond in the rock kind of locations in Vancouver.

So if you find this blog post and just so happen to visit. Hopefully you get some “what should we do” inspiration from this post.

Nothing like the mornings at Granville Island
Dress: Aritzia

Here is the Grandville Island sign, really hard to miss its the only entrance and exit of this place. Now I wouldn’t say there is a lot to do here but there are lots of places to eat and a market filled with produce, I think its a great place to explore if you have kids or need some entertainment for the day. We tried to get here early in the morning so there would be no cars or people. If your wondering where my dress is from, look for an Aritzia.

LOVE you very much

Ahh, now even I didn’t know this “LOVE” wall was in Granville Island. But how cute is it! All yellow (my fave colour) and the chalk board art on it is so cute. This was also really easy to find, but if you need a hit its near arts umbrella.

My favorite bridge

You can also find this bridge in Granville Island and fun fact, this is my favorite bridge in all of Vancouver. I love the view you get when you drive on this bridge into Vancouver at sunset. I don’t know why I like it so much, but it’s a part of the whole entering a city with tall buildings and being able to look at them while you enter type of feeling I seriously enjoy the most. You can find this view by the water, pretty easy to find!

Behind a waterfall structure

This unique building is also pretty close to Granville Island,I say you can walk here, maybe 10 min at most. Theres no shade around the building at all so maybe try to come here when there isn’t as much sun in the sky. The area is pretty quiet, so great place for photo taking if your a little camera shy.

With Wings I can Fly.
Dress from Zara

Here is the famous set of wings you can find along West 4th ave and Burrard Street. There is a nice path leading up to the wings which gives you plenty of distance to capture the full span of the wings without really blocking the sidewalk too much. We happened to have lunch around this location and while looking for a Starbucks we passed this wall. Since we had lunch in this area and drove, we did street parking.

Vacation Vibes

Finally, this swing. Its appeared a few times for me on instagram and I hunted for a while for this swing. I don’t want to give away the exact location but you can find it in the Kitsilano area, between Burrard and Macdonald Street – tip stay close to the water/ beach area. I would suggest going at low tide and to not be afraid to get your feet a little wet. This swing is also high off the ground (high for me because im 5’4) but I did manage to get up with a little jump and pull up. Maybe if you need a little help getting up bring a small stool or ask a friend for a boost. You would think that this area is quiet, but the various times I’ve come here people have always been lounging around to relax in the beach area.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for Reading ❤