The biggest sale in Vancouver came and went over the long weekend. Lots of people went, there were lineup for days and I hope everyone found something they were happy with at the sale.

This year I went to day 4 of the sale, the Saturday, bright and early when it opened at 7am. By day 4 there are no more line ups and we pretty much just walked in. Like every year the sale was large and overwhelming. Racks of clothing, tables of jeans and buckets of accessories in a somewhat organized mess.

Heres what I left the sale with (Items I could find on the Aritzia Website with links):

Overall I spent $360 at the sale. If I were to buy all these items at regular price it would have summed to $915, so talk about savings! I personally find these sales so much fun (but also a tad overwhelming) because theres just so much option in one place.

If you want to see the items I bought at the sale find them here on my youtube channel!

As always thanks for reading (and watching) ❤