There are phots from the end of our hike, when we finally got up to the lake. (There are no pictures at the start or during the hike, but I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible).

Behold the top of the lake! In this photo I am wearing a jacket and leggings from lulu lemon. Normally the lake would (at least it should) be more blue in photos but we went on a cloudy day, so the blueness wasn’t as visible. Either way I’m still glad we made it to the top.

Getting to the top, was not easy and very long, but it was way better than going down. You can access the hike from the bottom where the parking lot is and there are outhouse like restrooms at the bottom before you start (its a 5 hour, maybe more hike). The hike it self is very well maintained; its paved nicely with the occasional marker to let you know how far you’ve gone from the parking lot. You will see the occasional sign to know which way the lake, parking lot or other hiking routes are.

The skies are very cloudy in all the photos because we went on a cloudy day. I personally think that the hike, except for the part where the lake is, is nicely shaded. Going on a cloudy day had its perks thou, it wasn’t that hot going up. It was still cool at the top thou!

I must admit, going down back to the parking lot was the harder bit of the hike compared to the top. Dare I say we were pretty much fast walking down the mountain towards the end (especially when the parking lot was semi in view). Either way it was a great hike and I would definitely do this again, but maybe next summer. Doing this once a summer is fine with me.

Happy hike and thanks for the read ❤