Dress (Aritzia). Shoes (Rudsak)

Oh how summer has started, and this is by far my most looked forward to season. I love summer for all that it can give me; tan lines, blue skies, and most importantly the excuse to wear dresses. Funnily enough I actually hated wearing dresses or skirts until much later in life, now I kinda like them.

Good news – It has pockets

So I tried finding this dress online at Aritzia, but had no luck in finding it. The item that came the closest to it was this jumpsuit, because the fabric is smilier. Size wise, I am wearing an XS and I wouldn’t size up or down, the straps are also adjustable which I enjoy. I find with Aritzia that if the clothing is tight in the chest or arm area, its always a good time to size up. But this rule of thumb can be taken to any other clothing store as well. The best thing about this dress, it has pockets!!! I don’t know why more dresses come with pockets (not that they are big enough to hold my phone or anything) but its nice to be able to put your hands some where even if its for no reason (or in this case for a photo). This dress also comes with a fabric belt which I find myself using a lot, it does really help define my waist line. If I didn’t belt this dress it would not be shapely at all on me.

This is the type of dress I wear when I’m really feeling lazy, and really cant think of anything to wear. It goes for almost any occasion and been a total life saver in my wardrobe (my sister has also taken the liberty of borrowing it so its been in and out of my closet a few times). Although I do seem to always wear it with the tan gladiator like shoe as featured in my first photo, it might be time to explore some different shoe options for this outfit!

Candid moment taken by @edwardchang (instagram)

These photos were taken by my good friend @edwardchang (follow him on instagram, he always manages to capture the most candid moments).

As always, thanks for reading ~Mew