I did this shoot a while ago with my good friend @vivianhhlin (slowest content producer in the world here, its been months since I’ve looked at photos from this shoot). Check out her work when you have the chance!

This look is definitely one of my classics because im a “jeans and a t-shirt” type of gal, but a little more dressed up. On a different day I would probably re-wear this outfit with sneakers to make it a little less edgy.

My sister and I were shopping at Zara and she found this jacket in the sale section. We were like this is so cool, its a pleather bomber! This one is a size small and I love it. I think the cuffs the end of the jacket are really cool and for something that was like $30 its really good quality.

It actually sat in my closet collecting dust for a while because I didn’t know what to wear it with (everything and nothing), I’m so indecisive. In the end I settled with this cute turtle neck sleeveless top, blue jeans and these cool leather shoes from Browns. I’m not really sure what even made the outfit more (the shoes or the jacket). I was just glad that the hardware on the shoes (even though I don’t have a good photo of it) is silver, which matches the hardware on the jacket. It’s the small details I really appreciate. If anyone is wondering where the necklace is from in the first photo, its handmade. I don’t wear it often, but it is one of the few jewelry pieces I love to death.

Thanks for reading ❤