So I have made the switch from the iPhone to the Pixel 3 (#TeamPixel). This might not be my normal blog, but I really wanted to write about my experience with the Android operating system in case any of you were thinking of switching. Hopefully, this will help you make up your mind. 

I’m going to talk about the things I miss in iPhone because I’m sure there are lots of material out there if you want to learn about the specs, camera, how the phone feels or even its weight.

Even though I miss these things about my iPhone, I still think the Pixel 3 is a pretty nice phone and I wouldn’t mind using it for a couple of years! In fact, I just might write a separate blog on things I like about the Pixel 3, but I’ll save that for another day (: 


  • Using the app: I miss the ability to swipe between screens on iPhone when using Instagram. For you non-iPhone users let me explain a little. On the iPhone when using Instagram, if you are on the explore page and you see a photo you like, you tap on the photo and it enlarges. To go back to the explore feed you swipe left and your back. This swipe feature does not exist on my Pixel3 and as an avid Instagram user its a little annoying. 
  • The Keyboard: When you leave a comment the # and @ symbol aren’t there for you on the Pixel like they are on the iPhone. 

I’d like to point out that, I use Instagram the most out of any other app, so I havn’t really noticed a difference in any other apps.

Laptop Use (MacBook Pro):

  • Text Forwarding: This could be a minor one, but I do miss being able to reply to text messages on my laptop (MacBook Pro), but there are other ways around this and I can live without it. Also, no, I don’t miss iMessage as much as I thought I would. 
  • AirDrop: Yes, I miss AirDrop. It was so convenient to get something from my laptop to my phone. 

 Unlocking the Phone: 

  • Finger Print Scanner: There is one on the Pixel, but it’s on the back! I find this really handy if my phone is face down and I reach to pick it up then I can use it unlocked and ready, but if I leave the phone face up I have to swipe up to unlock the screen and punch in a password. There is no facial recognition to unlock your phone on the Pixel 3. 

Screenshots: It’s just better on iPhone. I feel like you can do more things with the screenshot before it saves to your phone. With the Pixel, I feel like I can’t do as much with it before it saves to your phone. Like for example on the iPhone, I could edit a photo and send it to a friend then had the option to delete it. On Pixel I feel like I can only do one of those things before it saves to my phone. 

This is my short little review after about a week of using my phone. Hope you enjoyed it and it gave you a little more to think about before switching over. Stay tuned to my next blog on things I like about the Pixel 3! 

As always, thanks for reading ❤