A-Line Robe Coat, (Richmond, BC)

Lankun. is a Vancouver based online store and they have some amazing knit fabrics. So let’s talk about this beautiful open A-line robe coat I found while browsing their website.

I really like the navy stripe detailing on the bottom of the coat, however, they have the same coat in all grey as well if you are the type to like solid colors. Now, this is an A-line jacket so unlike a trench coat don’t expect it to be straight, it does flare out like an “A” towards the bottom. A note on the gray, I really like the grey, its not too dark and not too light.

What I’m wearing in the above photo: Coat: A-line robe coat from Lankun, Shoes: Wishbone Collection from Browns Shoes.

If you’re looking for a warm outer piece to add to your closet or maybe even a Christmas present (I know December is approaching so soon)  I think this is a great timeless piece. It’s made of 100% lamb wool so it’s really warm and doesn’t need the addition of a lining. I didn’t get a photo of the inside of the coat, but the stripe can be seen on the outside and the inside of the coat. I really like that because I find in most jackets with a pattern its often just printed on the outside. I appreciate the continuity of the design. Below, I styled this coat with a black turtleneck sleeveless top and light blue jeans.

So here’s a little bit about me if you’re wondering how this jacket will look on you. I’m wearing a size 0/S, so yes the shoulders are loose on me. But it doesn’t look like this jacket is eating me alive. Now, I’m only 5’4 so I do prefer to wear a shoe with a heal rather than a flat one with this particular jacket. But I do like the length of the jacket as it comes to around my knees, which I find a comfortable length. 

I think this adds great versatility to my closet and I’ve had a lot of fun trying to style it. If you want to try shopping outside your norm, but still in Vancouver, I think Lankun is a great place to start looking! Use MISHA10 at the checkout if you see anything you like! Also, thank you, Angela (check out her Instagram for cool landscape/cityscape photography), for taking my photos for me! 

Happy Shopping ❤