Walking Along the Canal (towards downtown) 

I spent four years in Ottawa as a student. I can’t say I enjoyed every second of it (school was stressful and there were some major ups and downs during that time period), but I can say I thought my overall experience was memorable. I made a lot of friends and I got a chance to learn how to explore a city.  Coming from Vancouver, Ottawa definitely felt small but it had its own charm. After coming back home to Vancouver, there are a few things I miss about Ottawa that I never imagined I would have thought to miss!  I don’t have any photos of these specific places, but to keep this blog from being pictureless I will add in a few random ones at the bottom.

Top 4 Places I Miss the Most: 

1. The Loft

The Loft is this place I didn’t really find until my last year of university. I don’t know if that’s when it opened or if that’s when I found it, but I feel like this is something Vancouver doesn’t really have. The Loft is this really cute place in Ottawa that’s open at night and it’s just filled with board games. The people who work there are very knowledgeable about all the games (legit bookcases packed of them) and can teach you how to play. You can also buy drinks and snacks while you play. I thought this was a great way to spend time with friends in the random hours of the evening.

2. Kettleman’s’ Bagel Co

There are a few locations around Ottawa, but the location I went to the most was on Bank Street. The first time I heard about Kettleman’s was in my first year of university. One of my friends bought a bag to share it with us! The bagels were so good, it has been a while since I’ve eaten one so I can’t comment on the texture but I remember them being just the perfect amount of chewiness. The bagels are hand rolled and then put into this giant fire oven, its a really neat thing to watch if your the type of person who likes watching food being made. The best part about this place is that its open 24/7, so your bagel cravings will be satisfied whenever you want.

3. Oh So Good Desserts

If you love cake, and cake options I would definitely recommend this place to you! Oh So Good Desserts really is “oh so good”. I was with one of my friends from the Ottawa area, just walking around downtown and she told me about this place. We just went in to look because we didn’t have enough time to sit down, but I came back on another occasion and so glad I did. The slices of cake you get are really big ( I remember always bringing the rest of it home if I couldn’t finish it) and there are so many options. I think it’s a good space to sit down and catch up with someone, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a coffee shop to study in or anything like that.

4. Mayfair Theatre

This is a really old movie theatre. It’s cash only and you pay for the ticket at the door. When you walk inside, it looks really old and there’s even this old-school candy bar with popcorn (I felt like I time traveled or something because I saw a lot of things you just wouldn’t see at a normal movie theatre). You can read a little more about its history here. I remember heavily judging the old building I was walking into and walking out wishing I wasn’t so judgmental about an old looking building. Looking back I really appreciate having the chance to watch a movie here, and I would definitely watch another one here again just to take another look at the inside of this building and have a little more appreciation for its historic value.