First of all, thank you to my beautiful friend Gigi, for doing my lashes for the very first time. If you would like to see more of her work check her Instagram account for more lashes! Like can we all take a minute to look at how beautiful they are ❤

When I first posted this to my Instagram story, the most common question I got was how long they were supposed to last for – around 3 weeks.

I have to admit I was a little nervous about what to expect (was I going to go blind, would I lose all my natural lashes for good, would my eyes feel heavy, what if I got some weird eye infection etc etc etc), but its something I’ve always wanted to try so I gave it a shot. Turns out I was worried for nothing, and my eyelashes look better than ever.  The set I have on is a hybrid C – curl. The material of the eyelash extension made of silk, something I found interesting because I always thought they were made of plastic.

The whole process took a little longer than an hour, maybe closer to an hour and a half. She brings you into the back room and there’s a form to sign. Then you lie down on this message table, close your eyes and let Gigi work her lash magic. She puts this tape under your eyes, it doesn’t hurt and it was not irritating on the skin at all. At this point, it’s really important to keep your eyes closed, you don’t need to close them for your life or anything but just in a relaxed closed sort of way. I have heard stories of the glue sometimes being irritating to your eyes, but I didn’t find that at all (as I’m writing this I’ve had my extensions in for about a day now and still no irritation).

Overall this was really relaxing. As you lay on the table your lash technician carefully puts your eyelashes on one by one. I didn’t feel anything really except for when the tape from under my eyes was removed. I personally didn’t fall asleep during the session, but a few of my friends have told me they have. Before you get to open your eyes she uses this little misting machine to help set everything and it feels so nice! Either way, the experience is yours to enjoy.

When I finally opened my eyes and took a look in the mirror I was so shocked. My eyes just looked so open and so awake. It looked like I had eyelashes from the snapshot filters, I loved it. Also, no, I didn’t think my eyes were any heavier than before and the extensions actually feel more comfortable than false eyelashes you have to struggle to glue on.

Before you leave she gives you this sheet of paper on how to take care of your lashes and your good to go!

A few things to know if you decide to go:

  • Wear glasses, or if you wear contacts to bring the case
  • Before you go to your appointment don’t use oil-based makeup remover to your eyes, it makes the lashes harder to put on
  • The room is a little cold, its better for the glue, bring a sweater



After a good full day of wearing the eyelash extensions here’s what I think:

  • Eye’s on point for every selfie
  • Lots of compliments
  • Can’t rub your eyes anymore
  • Sleeping on your back (this is a personal pain for me but if you do this already then no worries)
  • Learning how to wash your face to accommodate your new length eyelashes
  • Never having to put mascara on, saving so much time in the morning


Thanks for reading <3. Feel free to message me on my Instagram if you have any more questions!