Heirloom has been on my brunch list for a while now and I was so excited to go. I went with my friend Edward (@edwardchang) which is always a pleasure, check out his page for some amazing photos.

The photo shows two dishes. I had the Banana French Toast (bottom) and Edward had the Hash (top).

Firstly, I am not a vegetarian, BUT I love food so I’m always down to try new things. Secondly, I didn’t get to eat Edward’s dish (but it looked really good and I wish I did), but he was nice enough to share a potato with me. That potato alone was really good and if I ever go here next time I would definitely give it a shot. My dish was this banana french toast and I thought it was okay. I wouldn’t claim it to be “the best banana french toast” I have ever had in my life or anything, but it was good. I really liked the sauce they put on it and the banana chunks and strawberries made it even better! I thought I would like the chewy texture of this banana bread but I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would and much prefer something a little softer.