The top (white) is from The Naked Flaw and the skirt (bottom) is from Oak + Fort.

If you know me, I’m not that big of an online shopper because I love touching fabric before I make up my mind. However, there are so many more things to get online its really hard to resist. The perfect opportunity came for me to buy something online when I was approached by The Naked Flaw to collaborate, use MEW15 for a 15%  discount at the checkout! But okay, back to the top. I’ve had this recent obsession with white shirts and I am still on the hunt for that “perfect” one for my everyday outfits but for the summer this crop top with the ties does just the right job. The part that goes around the chest isn’t extremely tight and has this stretchy pull to it and the ties make it the ideal shoulder length for anyone. When I first ordered the top I thought I would pair it with denim high waisted shorts but I didn’t really like how it looked that much when push came to shove.  I threw this skirt on just for fun and the look just came together for me. While white and blue are classics for the summer there’s nothing wrong with white and beige for a different kind of summer vibe.

This skirt marks the 4th piece of clothing that I own from Oak + Fort. Each piece I have from there always surprises in a way where I enjoy it more than I think I would. This is the first time I have worn this skirt as it was a birthday present from my awesome friend (@donutbehangry, check this page out if you have time and looking for something yummy :D). Bonus it comes with POCKETS, which is actually pretty amazing because it doesn’t look like it comes with them. The fabric is soft and a little stretchy which makes it kinda fun in the wind and gives it this easy breezy free-flowing type of look.